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Hot Yoga

Many of FORM's yoga classes are in a heated environment. Added heat increases heart rate, encouraging the body to spend more energy (calories) to stay cool. The heated environment also dilates the capillaries, facilitating greater distribution of oxygen. The higher volume of oxygen to muscles, glands, organs and other tissues helps remove more toxins, which results in greater benefits for the immune system. Finally, the heat helps the body’s natural stretch mechanism, allowing for greater range of motion in joints, muscles, and ligaments. 

Power Vinyasa Yoga

This all-levels, energizing and challenging yoga class uses a series of athletic postures to increase strength, flexibility and balance while empowering the body and mind. Power Vinyasa is set to inspiring music in a heated studio. Get ready to sweat, detoxify and test the edge of your focus and flexibility as you flow breath to posture. Variations and modifications are taught to individualize the practice for each student, making it ideal for all levels of practitioners.

Yoga Sculpt

Boost your metabolism, build long lean muscles and have fun with a mix of Yoga Sculpt postures, light weight training and cardio exercises. Yoga Sculpt will tone each of your major muscle groups through a challenging and innovative sequence of exercises blending intervals of core training, yoga, isometrics and resistance work. Practiced in a heated room with high-energy music, this total body workout builds strength, stamina, and flexibility creating a more functional, balanced body. It is recommended you have an understanding of basic yoga postures before taking a Yoga Sculpt class.

Fusion Yoga

Fusion Yoga fuses the flow of Power Vinyasa with a selection of the 26 postures of the Bikram yoga method. The class sequence is the same each time and begins with a Sun Salutation warm-up series, emphasizing the importance of connecting breath with movement. Fusion Yoga will open the shoulders, hips and spine while strengthening the core and upper body. Class is heated to 101 degrees with 40% humidity.

Restorative Yoga

Wind down your day with a dynamic class that encompasses a flow yoga sequence to warm the body. This meditative vinyasa flow practice will heal, detoxify and exhilarate your body and mind with emphasis on movement, balance and intention. A great class for all levels, Restorative Yoga connects the body to the mind and spirit through meditation in movement.

Hot Yoga

A series of 26 postures performed in a precise order, set to music, in a room heated to approximately 105 degrees. This class systematically works the entire body, toning your muscles, promoting weight loss, reducing stress and increasing your overall vitality. Incorporating strength, balance and flexibility, Hot Yoga teaches students how each pose stimulates the mind and restores and shapes the body.

Gentle Vinyasa Flow

This class is perfect for those brand new to yoga and seasoned yogis! Learn and revisit the foundations of a strong yoga practice as you flow sequentially and intelligently from one pose to the next. The studio is heated at a moderate temperature - 75 to 80 degrees. Time will be taken to hold in poses to give more opportunity for alignment and connection, which will then lead to deeper openings.

Prenatal Yoga

Designed to both nurture and challenge your body, prenatal yoga builds trust in your pregnancy journey while providing an open community to discuss what you are experiencing. Whether you are a new or experienced yoga student, we'll guide you through meditation, breathing, and movement for child birth preparation. You'll benefit from relaxation while strengthening and improving flexibility in the muscles that support your baby during pregnancy and labor. Connect with your body, bond with baby, and meet other mamas! All levels and stages of pregnancy welcome.

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