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Using water-based rowing machines, our classes deliver a fast-paced, high-energy, total-body shred that anyone can do.


The Indo-Row® water-rowing system provides a transformative total-body workout that challenges the body and focuses the mind. Burn calories, sculpt muscle and enjoy a fun interval workout in a uniquely motivating, team-oriented fitness environment. Think of this class as Group Cycling except on Rowing Machines. No prior experience necessary.

Power Row

Sculpt & Tone your whole body with this 60 minute HIIT low impact strength class. Begin with a light & steady warmup on the rower, then challenge yourself with timed intervals and shorter sprints blended with sculpting sessions on the mat.


Ready to take your rowing to the next level? RowX is a special format using Indo-Row® with more intense, longer intervals of endurance rowing mixed with mind-body strength. The 45-minute class offers you the maximum calorie burn and metabolism boost, while challenging your body and mind.

Row & Core

Two FORMats...One class! First, work as a crew through rowing intervals and drills. Follow it up with a challenging series of ab work that will leave you sore to the core!

Row & TRX

Two FORMats...One class! First, work as a crew through rowing intervals for 30 minutes. Follow it up with a series of TRX exercises that leave you feeling strengthened and toned.


Dubbed by the media as “the most efficient total-body workout in the world!” This circuit challenge utilizes the specially designed WaterRower machine to provide short-burst, high-intensity, calorie-torching intervals along with functional strength and sculpting stations designed to target and chisel the legs, the core and the arms. You will find yourself working harder than you ever imagined because of the camaraderie, friendly team competition and motivation designed to push you to your max effort and provide extreme results.

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