Joseph Pilates created a brilliant exercise program that makes you look and feel equal parts centered and sculpted. FORM Pilates brings his method into the modern world of fitness - providing maximum results while also being therapeutic to your mind, body andspirit.

With many different types of equipment and more than 500 exercises to choose from in the Pilates repertoire, there is always variety. No two lessons are exactly the same and exercises can be modified and adapted to challenge different bodies. All ages, abilities and fitness levels will benefit from this workout.

FORM Fitness offers Private and Group Pilates Training. Our dedicated group Pilates room features four V2Max reformers with towers, four Pilates chairs and a variety of attachments and accessories for the reformers.

Pilates Series

8 week Pilates series are the best way to get started in Pilates at the best price. Choose from one of series times and meet once a week for 8 weeks. Expect gains in tone, flexibility and core strength.


This is the ultimate luxury for a workout that is tailored specifically to you. Your Pilates instructor becomes your personal trainer for the hour and the focus is on your body, your goals andyour mind-body health.

Group Pilates Training

FORM's group Pilates program allows clients to take equipment basedPilates classes during pre-scheduled times. Our variety of Pilates class formats will keep you motivated and give you the best results in the shortest amount of time. We recommend having a Pilates foundation before joining the group classes.